Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Columbus

We're celebrating Thanksgiving with the Zaengers this year. A week in Worthington fills my heart with gratitude and appreciation for my parents, family and friends and what they have done for me over the years.

My parents always roll out the red carpet when we come home. It doesn't have to be a holiday to get some TLC and genuine hospitality. Not only do they cook up delicious meals, but they entertain with the best of them (with a hat tip to the Wii, Bananagrams, the Columbus Zoo and Elf the movie). Mom cares about comfort; always setting out travel-sized toiletries, picking up our favorite foods, and providing fresh towels in the bedroom. Dad will make sure you know exactly what Ohio teams are playing, on what channel and when. Go Bucks!

This year was particularly special because Seda, my Peace Corps Armenia teacher, friend, and mentor also came to our feast from California where she is getting her master's degree. My cup runeth over!

Not ones to miss an opportunity to put Ohio's best face forward, today my dad, Dominic and I took Seda on a tour of some of the Columbus wintertime sights (it was way, way too cold to visit any of our outdoor favorites like Highbanks, the park of roses, or Inniswood). We headed down to Capital (that's me with my brick above), visited German village's Book Loft, drove past Dad's charitable pharmacy and stopped by the Santa Maria.

The brick I placed at Capital reads: "Direct our footsteps Lord, Psalm 121". Psalm 121 was the last thing my grandfather said to me before I left for Armenia in 2006. It's the first thing I think of when I remember him today. I am grateful for Frank Zaenger. For his faith, his guidance, and the family he raised. May we always remember as we walk that the Lord will watch over our coming and going both now and forevermore.

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Anonymous said...

We had just as much fun as you did over the holiday....especially having some time to just sit and talk and to think that we had 24 people in the house ranging in ages from 4 months to 89 years at one time makes it even more special.