Monday, November 15, 2010

We've Got Worms

In our new compost container that is!

That's right, situated here in the middle of the Bronx I've started my own container compost. All it took was a friendly environmentalist, a yogurt container full of dirty squirmies, and the raw produce leftovers I seem to constantly accumulate from my farmer's market fare. Watch out, this little investment is preparing us for some springtime container gardening (with cleaner and with 'nutrient'-rich soil)!

The dream started with our new friend John (pictured below with Dominic on Halloween).

John is an excellent resource and told me about keeping the container dark, poking air holes for ventilation, lining the bottom with paper and the importance of avoiding citrus fruits and coffee grounds for the acidity. Worms don't like acid.

He also passed along some online sites I can use to learn more. So, of course this evening I spent time perusing where I discovered vermicompost happens naturally. Who knew?

Because I know you're just dying for more detail, John got his worms from You can get anything on that website! He told me that they're actually a hot commodity. You can see why below:

There are my worms, happily nibbling on some kale, figs and pear core. Yum!

Call me when you need some "black gold".

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's impressive. Especially given your history of being rather obscessive about germs etc...
Your plants sure are going to like it.