Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AeroGarden Part 2

I planted my AeroGarden one week ago today. There couldn't be an easier process. The machine knows when to turn on the lights and when they should go off. Sixteen hours of light, eight hours of dark. The AeroGarden can stay on a healthier schedule than most Americans! Here's what it looks like when I put in my seed pods:

The great thing about the garden is that I know when to expect my plants to sprout. Each plant is labeled with the number of days I should wait before the leaves appear under the little 'greenhouse covers'. I'm proud to say that Genovese Basil (expected in 6-12 days) appeared on Saturday:
I can also see my thyme (7-12 days), lemon basil (4-7 days) and globe basil (4-7 days) today! We can not wait to try these herbs. This garden has been a pleasure to watch.

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Anonymous said...

When do you start the tomatoes? You'll have a salad right there in your apartment:)