Saturday, January 15, 2011

AeroGardening Part 1

An AeroGarden is the ideal garden for a NY apartment. An AeroGarden is the best gift a husband can give. Thank you for my Christmas present Dom!

We had a small Christmas exchange before leaving for Sacramento. Dominic surprised me with this thoughtful gift for our tiny place. I got the herb garden seek kit with the actual growing machine itself.

The great thing about an AeroGarden is that it grows with water and nutrient packets - no dirt, therefore no bugs! A water pump circulates water up and over through the 'growing sponges' (or seed pods) and on the roots of the plants.

Here's Dom reading the growing instructions:

There aren't many parts, the large frame on the top right is what holds the seed sponges. I can grow seven different plants at a time.

This is the base. To get started you choose what you're growing: herbs, tomatoes/peppers, flowers, etc... and it knows just what to do.

I planted my herb garden on Tuesday, January 11. For the first round I'm growing globe, genovese and lemon basil, tall dill, oregano, mint and thyme.

I'll keep you posted as the AeroGarden works it's magic...

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the plants when they get as big as the picture on the box.