Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bedford Mosholu Community Association

I have written about the Bedford Mosholu Community Association before, but since last night was our final meeting (perhaps forever) I couldn't help but dedicate one more post to the value of this organization and the people I've met attending the monthly meetings. As Dominic says: "This is America at it's best".

Barbara and her team run the show around here. They know what they want, they know what it takes to make sure our elected officials don't neglect our little pocket of the Bronx, and they are the best connected citizens I've ever met. Barbara's in the white shirt next to a police officer in the photo above. This photo was taken right before she reminded him to make sure the 'No BBQ pit' sign was posted on the parkway before the Fourth of July celebrations begin.

 I'm standing next to Grace our treasurer in the photo above. Would you believe these two have been married 60 years? Grace is a diva and one heck of a story teller. When she was trying to get me to sign up to be a block watcher she told me of how she once saw a man get shot outside an ice cream parlor. Last night she told me how she overcame her shy and timid personality at age 43 by taking a job with Avon. If you ask both of them how they've kept their marriage together for more than six decades they'll tell you: "Always respond with, 'Yes, Dear'."

This is Mary (above). She is in charge of mailing out the postcards that remind people to come to the meetings the first Wednesday of the month. At age 97, there's nothing slowing her down - she has to keep up with Grace!

Here's Barbara, my friend Mary, and I. Mary moved to the Bronx 27 years ago for 'only one year'. She said it could happen to us as well and we kindly told her it probably would not. I asked her how she stays fit and healthy and she says her body's strong from overcoming the NYC pollution. All that grit and grime go straight to these lady's spirits and they become resilient, invested citizens. They're out and about on these gritty streets at 9 p.m. to make sure they know what's happening in their neighborhood.

I'm not a politician, but I do care about the place where I live. I hope we find another community association as active as this one where we move. It's nice to be involved.

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