Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roosevelt Island Ride

Have you ever seen a happier Dominic?


Me neither... at least not in this city.

The joy exhibited in the photo to the left is a result of the fact that about a month ago Dominic and I got some new wheels. Well, not exactly new wheels, but new to us. Thank you Jon, for heading off to Brazil and leaving us your spare bike! We have a whole new lease on life in NYC.

As it turns out, several of my bucket list agenda items involve exploring the city outdoors. Now that we both have bikes it's all possible. You wouldn't believe how much you can see while dodging taxis, pedestrians, horses pulling carriages, men pulling carriages and dogs. It's fantastic.

We took our first trip into the city only to leave the city by tram. After hauling our bikes to 60th on the D train we cut across to 2nd Avenue where, for a quick swipe of your Metro card, you can travel by gondola to Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island is small. You can easily ride a lap around the entire thing in an hour, but we took our time and stopped to check out the landmarks like this old-fashioned lighthouse.

It was a beautiful day. After our lap we stopped for lunch, took naps and read on benches overlooking the Manhattan skyline and the East river.

After crossing back over there was one thing we wanted more than dinner: 16 Handles. I know there are a lot of options when it comes to frozen yogurt, but this place is the best. We found a bike lane and rode four miles out of our way to eat cups of fro yo. Beware, they charge by weight and let you control the amount and type of toppings...

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Anonymous said...

You must feel like you have a whole different view of the city now that you can see it vs riding in a subway. Please don't tell me you ride bikes in sandals????? I broke a toe that way....put on your tennies!!!!!!