Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wave Goodbye

To grad school that is. We may have finished our tenure at Fordham University this weekend, but we're not quite ready to say goodbye to the Bronx. There's still so much to experience!

Case in point: Wave Hill. In 1843 Wave Hill House was built as a country home from George W. Perkins (a J.P. Morgan partner). He was a generous man, so in 1960 the family decided to give the land and home to the City of New York. Thank you, Perkins-Freeman family for this cultural institution.

Dominic recently inherited a bike from Jon so we rode the 4.5 miles into Riverdale to check out the views of the Palisades and the Hudson River from our corner of the city.

I wanted Dom to be able to celebrate his monumental accomplishment of graduating with significant honors by relaxing and taking a moment to rest. What did he do?

You can take the student out of the library... 

He has been adjusting to life on the job hunt well in my opinion. In addition to printing resumes and reviewing cover letters, he made this strawberry fruit leather in our dehydrator last night. A man of many layers, that Dominic is. 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a filter or something from an assembly line???

Lina said...

Looks good! I'm inspired to get ours out and use it this summer:)