Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Personal advertising

I stumbled across a blog called Word Wealth this morning and couldn't help but feel like this article was written for me to consider.  

Sadly, I had never used Craigs List before Armenia, and even after coming home in August I didn't realize what an integral role it would play in my daily life until I moved out West.  I have checked this online 'everything you could imagine' classified list hourly since I began my home search.  And why not?  After all, people post new rooms/apartments/homes/rentals/buys constantly.  

So the article by Mr. White caught my attention today as I struggle with how to answer the ads for future roommates.  What do you really want to share about yourself in that initial introduction email? 

"Hello I'm Sarah and I just arrived from Ohio (Go Bucks!) and I need a home asap"... Too desperate.

"Hi!  I won't create a fuss when I move in because all I have with me are two suitcases"... Too minimalistic.

"Good day, I survived two Armenian winters without heat so I promise not to spend too much money on gas this winter"... Oh Peace Corps

So, I understand what this lady is writing about--there's a fine line between honesty and sharing far too much.  

With roommates though, isn't it better to get an honest picture?  I want anyone looking for a roommate to be able to say: "I take 30 minute showers, the fridge is pretty small, I like to watch HGTV while I knit every night".  

It's not really in my nature to be as blunt as the mother who wrote the nanny ad in Craigs List.  I'll just have to continue with what I'm trying my best to convey in my own subtle way... 

Seeking Seattle roommate: 24-year-old PR professional, tidy but not obsessive, friendly but not clingy, outgoing but not a party animal.  

I need a roommate seeking Webinar training.


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David said...

I don't think I realized that your Seattle trip wasn't just a vacation. Apres! Tox hajoxutyun lini qo nor qaxaqum! I'm excited to read about the outcome of your Craigslist ad. This blog, by the way, is way less businesslike and more interesting than I had been led to believe. :-)