Monday, October 06, 2008

Seeing and Doing

I got great advice from a mentor and friend in Columbus not to 'settle' in Seattle.  So far, I think I've done a good job of balancing the necessity of finding living arrangements and employment with experiencing the beauty and excitement of coming to a brand new city.

So far, my favorite excursions have been to Ballard Locks and Gasworks Park.  It was at the locks that I learned all about how young salmon (smolts) migrate back and forth from the saltwater of the Pacific ocean to Lake Washington and upstream to lay their eggs.  During this migratory process, the smolts ride the current near the banks of the river.  Their bodies undergo changes that enable them to live in sea water; a process called smoltification.

Gasworks is a beautiful park on Lake Washington overlooking downtown Seattle.  It's a lovely place to fly kites, read a book or witness medieval sword fighting.  Seriously, men were fighting to drumbeats from a casual band in the park.  

I've seen a troll under the bridge in Fremont, had a stuffed fish thrown at my head at Pike Place Market and walked along the Pacific coast.  All in the rain.

Please bear with me as I put this blog together.  Everything is new to me these days and I'm trying my best to find everything from camera cords to matching socks in the 'perfectly convenient' places I packed them.  


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are "settling" in. I read a book at the park on Sunday and we also had some guys playing around with bow and arrows and beating on each other with what looked like stuffed noodles so I guess Seattle isn't that different from Ohio. Okay,so we had to walk along a river instead of the ocean but water is water!


DanO said...

Hey, I'm PRoud that I made your opening blog about life in Seattle. And I'm especially glad you've been out exploring so much in the short time there. Best of luck and keep me posted on the job search, etc.