Monday, October 27, 2008

Personality test

I took an online work type test this afternoon to see if I really am 'wired' for what I say I am.  My results told me I'm a transformer/transactor.

"Transformers combine interpersonal sensitivity with powerful social networks and definite leadership impact.  Transactors combine thoughtful analysis with the driven pursuit of goals.  They enjoy challenges and can be relied upon to deliver results."  

I think true personality shines in two types of situations: When people are under the stress of a challenge and when people are given flexibility.

Fortunately, I don't have any stressful situations to report, but I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon walking around the lake and yesterday evening shopping for (we're big fans of Whole Foods) and preparing a traditional Colombian meal with my new roommate.  We substituted guasca for cilantro and with a fresh avocado it made the perfect soup.  Dom loved it for the potatoes and yuka.   

It's amazing how much I take my current flexibility for granted.  At a Bible study last week we were all asked how we would spend two hours to ourselves.  Surrounded by many young mothers and working professionals, I was reminded of what it is like to feel that two personal hours is unimaginable.  

I will try to take advantage of this schedule (even if I hope it's short lived).  After all, it's in the transactor's personality.    

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